Recipe Development


If you're a blogger or brand in need of help developing recipes, I'm here to assist. My specialty is in health-ier/healthyish food, which spans anywhere from vegan to healthy meat dishes, with some gluten-free and refined sugar free thrown in. If you're looking for recipes with tons of butter and sugar or extremely meat-heavy dishes, we probably aren't the best fit. But if you want creative and delicious good-for-you recipes, let's talk!

There are two ways that we can work together on recipe development - Brewing Happiness branded work and ghost content. Brewing Happiness branded work will live on my website, get shared with my audience, and work to integrate your brand with mine! Ghost content won't have my name attached, it will live on your site, or cookbook, or wherever you so choose. 

Ghost Content

Consider me part of your in-house team with these ghost content recipes! Here are some of my favorite examples...

Bellwether Farms

The healthy fish

regal springs