Haley Hunt Davis
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“Hands-in-Pans” Style

You know it, you've seen this style on the internet, otherwise referred to as "Hands-in-Pan" style videos. These are currently the most popular style of food video out there. 

"Brewing Happiness" Style

This is my signature style of video. I developed a storytelling aspect to the regular 'ole recipe video, and this is the result. To see more examples head to my Vimeo or Youtube page. 

Lifestyle / Promo Videos

Looking to promote or document your product, event, brand, cookbook, winery, or event? I got you. 

On-Camera Work

Making use of my BFA in Screen Acting, I love to get in front of the camera. If you need a spokeswoman, brand ambassador, or internet friend - I'm your girl. 


DIY Food Videography

You, yes you, can learn to make beautiful food videos. I promise.

Want to learn to shoot, edit and star in your own videos? I can teach you! I've developed THREE courses to help you do just that. 

  • DIY Food Videography - Learn to make beautiful food videos ALL BY YOURSELF.
  • Editing Crash Course - Learn to edit like a pro without all of the intimidating and overwhelming extras. Exactly what you need to know - nothing more, nothing less.
  • Being an On-Camera Brand - Learn to be a confident and authentic on camera brand. 

Buy one. Buy them all. Get just what you need when you need it. Head to www.diyfoodvideography.com to get all of the details.