Haley Hunt Davis
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Haley Hunt Davis is a food photographer, videographer, stylist and recipe developer based in LA.


Hey y'all.

It's your girl, Haley. I'm the photographer, videographer, and recipe developer behind the popular food blog, Brewing Happiness. I should have known I'd end up here when my 7th Grade science fair project was all about shutter speed and lens aperture. Many years and a film degree later, the path all makes sense.  

I have now found my passion in visual storytelling (aka. taking your idea and making it a visual reality.) Every successful brand has a great story, so I'm here to help you tell it. Whether that's through photos, videos, or online classes - making your vision a reality is my specialty. 

No, I don't just shoot food, it just happens to be what I'm known for. In fact, some of my favorite subjects are humans! No matter if you need headshots, promo shots, or brand integration - I'm your girl. 

Have a great story to tell? Let's make something magic.





Food. Humans. Whatever you want. Let's shoot it. 


REcipes. Promos. parties. If you need a visual story told, I'm your girl.

Recipe Development 



Recipe creation, custom suited to your brand's needs. 

Food Styling

If you need help stying a photoshoot, cookbook, or video shoot, I'm here to help.


" Working with Haley on set is a dream. Her professionalism, eye for detail and aptitude to manipulate light puts you at ease. You know and trust that she is creating pure magic, and you have all the confidence in the world that she has captured the story you are trying to tell."

/ Sherrie Castellano - with food and love   /